Prosurge TPMOV is a Type 1ca thermally protected metal oxide varistor (TPMOV) with thermal protection designed to open in the event of overheating due to an abnormal over-voltage or temporary over voltage (TOV) and will interrupt any abnormal current that may be encountered. Global patented thermal disconnector design with arc extinguishing device (TPAE technology), fail-safe and self-protected.

  • TPMOV is PCB mount modular SPD, with compact size to save installation space.
  • Up to 1500Vdc, can meet requirements of all applications.
  • UL recognized Type 1 SPD
  • Higher surge capacity with compact size
  • Global patented Thermally Protected MOV technology, self-safe and self-protected
  • Compatible with reflow and wave soldering procedure
  • Wide operating temperature range
  • Built-in visual/remote fault indication