Surge & Lightning Monitor

Prosurge’s surge monitor is designed to monitor lightning and surge. It can indicate the time, the frequency and the capacity of the lightning or surge passing through. It can be widely used in railway, photovoltaic and wind turbine power plant, communication room, building and other electric systems.

Surge and Lightning Monitor Function

Surge & Lightning Monitor Technical Data

Model LSM-CT01
Rated input voltage 10~28VDC (DC Switching Power Supply is not recommended)
Overall power consumption ≤1 W
Output voltage 0~5V (correspond to 0~50kA)
Lightning current sensor One way, 1~50kA, tolerance: +5%
Fault switch of the SPD One way, give alarm when the switch closing
Input current for lightning protection 10/700 μs@5kV, 5 times each for positive and negative polarity with interval 1 minute
RS485 10/700 μs@1kV, 5 times each for positive and negative polarity with interval 1 minute
MTBF 100,000 hours (base on Bellcore TR-332), 25℃
Degree of protection IP40

Installation and Wiring

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