LEC-D in Applicatioin

Passive Surge Counter / Lightning Counter – LEC-D-No battery needed

Prosurge’s surge counter (lightning event counter) LEC-D is used for registering lightning and surge event. It provides important information concerning the operational history and current condition of the surge arrester on your system. It is equipped with a 6 digit electro-mechanical cyclometer which counts each electrical surge shunted to ground via the arrester. The LEC-D surge counter contains no internal batteries as each is completely powered by its own connection to the surge arrester through the earthing circuit. The surge counters are sealed to IP67 against water and dust ingresses and the stainless steel enclosure makes it applicable in the toughest environment.


  • Long service life due to no battery needed
  • Sensitive response with trigger current 500A
  • Can register very high lightning strike up to 150kA 8/20
  • 32mm through hole, easy to install and use, a simple insertion of the down conductor
  • IP67 for out-door installation
  • Mechanical count, 6 digit display

LEC-A in Applicatioin

Surge Counter / Lightning Counter – LEC-A – Indoor Use

Prosurge lightning event counter (surge counter) is used for register the lightning event in a certain area, trigger current from 100A,din rail installation, 2 digital LCD display, AC online charging to the battery needed.


  • Potential-free registration of discharge currents of surge protective device
  • Sensitive response, trigger current from 100A
  • Stable capability, anti-jamming
  • DIN-rail design, easy to install and us
  • Easy installation by enclosing the earth conductor of the arrester with an open toroidal core
  • Voltage or current counting alternative is available
  • 2 digital LCD display with setting and resetting buttons
  • AC online charging to the battery

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