Prosurge’s 2 Size TPMOV (Thermally Protected MOV) – PTMOV & SMTMOV

PTMOV & SMTMOV are Prosurge’s core products and fully reflect our expertise and ingenuity in SPD. They have a significant advantage in abnormal over-voltage & high fault current safety to ensure industry’s highest level of safety and performance. They are extensively adopted by global customers as the most crucial components for various SPD, especially type 1 and type 2 surge panels.

Prosurge PTMOV / SMTMOV / HSMTMOV are UL 1449 5th recognized; PVTMOV is TUV certified as per IEC61643-31.

                            25kA~50kA TPMOV                                                                                             50kA & 75kA TPMOV

            PTMOV: In 10kA, Imax 25kA (AC:150V ~ 690V)                                        SMTMOV: In 20kA, Imax 50kA (AC:150V ~ 690V)

            PVTMOV: In 10kA, Imax 25kA (DC:48V ~ 1000V)                                     HSMTMOV: In 20kA, Imax 75kA (AC:150V ~ 320V)

            20PTMOV: In 20kA, Imax 50kA (AC:150V ~ 550V)

 TPMOV Features

  • UL recognized Type 1CA (Component Assembly) SPD (ANSI/UL 1449 5th), Type 2 CA SPD (CSA-C22.2)
  • Global patented thermal disconnector design with arc extinguishing device, fail-safe & self-protected, quick thermal response and perfect circuit cutoff function
  • Visual fault indication and optional remote signal contact (50mA, 12Vdc)
  • Wide operating temperature: -40℃~85℃
  • Type 1CA design & compact size, can be used individually or in combination for OEM customer
  • Meet both standards for ANSI/UL 1449 5th and IEC 61643-11: 2011

 TPMOV General  Datasheet (Shift to landscape mode for smartphone users)

Category IEC/EN/UL II/T2/Type1ca II/T2/Type1ca II/T2/Type1ca II/T2/Type1ca I+II/T1+T2/Type1ca
Max Continuous Operating Voltage Uc/Ucpv/MCOV AC:150~690V DC:48V~1000V AC:150~550V AC:150~690V AC:150~320V
Nominal Discharge Current(8/20μs) In x 15 times 10kA 10kA 20kA 20kA 15kA/20kA
Lighting impulse current (10/350) Iimp 8kA/–
Max. Discharge Current(8/20μs) Imax x 1 time 25kA 25kA 50kA 50kA 45kA/75kA
Short circuit current rating SCCR: 200kA Iscpv:1000A SCCR: 200kA SCCR: 200kA SCCR: 200kA
Certification UL, CE TUV, CE UL, CE UL, CE UL, CE


 Brief Datasheet for PTMOV (Shift to landscape mode for smartphone users)

Part No. MCOV Surge Current VPR
Vac (V) Vdc (V) Imax

(x 1 time @8/20μs)


(x15 times @8/20μs)

PTMOV150/S 150 200 25kA 10kA 600V
PTMOV180/S 180 230 25kA 10kA 800V
PTMOV320/S 320 410 25kA 10kA 1000V
PTMOV420/S 420 560 25kA 10kA 1200V
PTMOV550/S 550 745 22kA 10kA 1800V
PTMOV690/S 690 910 22kA 10kA 2000V
20PTMOV150/S 150 200 50kA 20kA 600V
20PTMOV320/S 320 410 50kA 20kA 1000V
20PTMOV420/S 420 560 50kA 20kA 1200V
20PTMOV550/S 550 745 50kA 20kA 1800V


 Brief Datasheet for SMTMOV (Shift to landscape mode for smartphone users)

Part No. MCOV Surge Current  


Vac (V) Vdc (V) Imax

(x 1 time @8/20μs)


(x15 times @8/20μs)

SMTMOV150 150 200 50kA 20kA 600V
SMTMOV180 180 230 50kA 20kA 600V
SMTMOV275A 275 350 50kA 20kA 800V
SMTMOV320 320 410 50kA 20kA 1000V
SMTMOV420 420 560 50kA 20kA 1500V
SMTMOV550 550 745 50kA 20kA 1500V
SMTMOV690 690 910 40kA 20kA 2000V
HSMTMOV150 150 200 75kA 20kA 600V
HSMTMOV275A 275 350 75kA 20kA 800V
HSMTMOV320 320 410 75kA 20kA 1000V


See How Prosurge’s TPMOV Outperforms Our Competitor’s in Comparison Test

At 415Vac temporary overvoltage, our SMTMOV with TAPE technology cuts itself off this abnormal condition and stays safe

From TPMOV to Enclosure-less Panel SPD – Great Option for SPD Manufacturer

Besides offering TPMOV as a component to manufacturers, Prosurge launched a semi-completed surge protection device called Enclosure-less SPD. We have completed the circuit design and assembly of the electronic components of a panel type SPD and have this assembly UL listed. In this case, we handle the complicated and time-consuming jobs in manufacturing a panel type surge protection device so that customers can maufactuer their UL listed panel type SPD at mimum cost and time.


Thermally Protected MOV


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