Surge Protection Device (SPD) for Overhead Line

Surge Protection Device (SPD) for Overhead Line (Thermally Protected Lightning Arresters) with thermal protection are designed to provide protection for low-voltage overhead lines, consumer in-house supplies, distribution transformers, and other systems.


  • Used to protect the terminal equipment/ overhead cable against the effects of overvoltages, which can be installed on overhead lines from low voltage bushing insulator of transformer to point of entry of power line into the building.
  • High discharge capacity due to heavy-duty metal oxide varistors (MOV)
  • Integrated thermal disconnector to be fail-safe and self-protected in case of overloading
  • Fault indication
  • Fire retardant and UV resistant housing, suitable for indoor and outdoor use
  • Easy installation
  • Comply with EN/IEC61643-11, UL 1449 4th, IEEE C62.41, CSA C22.2

Models Selection for Surge Protection Device for Overhead Line

Part No. TPLA40
Accordance to IEC61643-11:2011
Disconnector Integrated thermal disconnector
Rated Power Frequency 48 – 62 Hz
Max. Continuous Operating Voltage (AC/DC) Uc 150V / 200V 175V / 225V 280V / 355V 300V / 385V 320V / 420V 385V / 505V 420V / 560V 440V / 590V
Nominal Discharge Current (8/20μs) In 20kA
Max. Discharge Current (8/20μs) Imax 40kA
Voltage Protection Level @In Up ≤0.8kV ≤0.8kV ≤1.3kV ≤1.4kV ≤1.5kV ≤1.8kV ≤2.0kV ≤2.2kV
Response Time ≤25ns
Operating Temperature Range – 40ºC ~ + 70ºC
Enclosure Material Thermoplastic; extinguishing degree UL94 V-0
Electric Strength ≥2500V (AC)
Mounting Hanging-mount

Disconnector Indication for SPD for Overhead Line

Normal operating condition Failed – surge protective device disconnected
SPD-for-Overhead-Line_normal-operating-condition_200×299 SPD-for-Overhead-Line_disconnected_230×455

Dimension Drawing


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