Patents & Certificates of Surge Protection Device

As an innovative surge protection device manufacturer, Prosurge invests a considerable ratio of our yearly revenue on R&D, intellectual property protection and international certification. We launch new products every year and obtain more and more patents and certificates to make sure our SPDs can be distributed in every corner of the world.

One of our core patents is TPAE (Thermally Protected & Arc Extinguish) and it’s the ultimate solution to the common safety problem of MOV based SPD. Please check this link to see how important of SPD safety and our patented solution.

Prosurge Patents

Prosruge UL Patent for Surge Protection device

Patent in USA

prosurge germany patent for surge protection device

Patent in Germany

prosurge korea patent for surge protection device

Patent in Korea

prosurge China patent for surge protection device

Patent in China

Prosurge Certificates

prosurge ul certificate for surge protective devcie

UL Certificate

prosurge etl certificate

ETL Certificate

prosurge keam certificate for surge protective device

KEMA Certificate

prosurge tuv certificate for spd

TUV Certificate