Surge Protection for Solar Power / PV System

PV systems are set up outdoors and are prone to lightning damage. Lightning and surge protections are essential to their efficient operation. After the external lightning protection, the most crucial work is to protect the invertor. Surge protection devices (SPDs) are needed at the DC input end and AC output end of the invertor. They are also needed at the two ends of long distance signal cable.

Prosurge has a lot of surge protection projects for solar / PV installation. Please check our surge protection projects around the world here:

surge protection for solar pv power system

Surge Protection Device Selection

SPD Location Prosurge Model Product Details (Click)
DC connection box protection (1, 4) SPV or PV series Class II / Type 2 SPD for PV / Solar / DC
Invertor’s AC side protection (2) SP series or DS50/DT50 series DIN-rail SPD for AC
Invertor’s AC side protection (3) Panel SPD UL 1449 Panel SPD
  • For signal surge protection, please click and view:
SPD Location Prosurge Model Product Details (Click)
Data Signal Protection DM-××× SPD for Measuring and Control System
Communication Signal Protection D-××/RJ45 SPD for Ethernet

Surge Protection Solutions

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