Surge Protection for Wind Turbine

Wind Farms are in open and exposed environment and the tall windmill is highly prone to lightning damage and thus must be well-protected against it. After lightning receiving / down conducting / grounding, it is necessary to install SPDs on:

  • stator/rotor of the generator
  • transformers of different levels
  • controlling and communication signal cables

If you check on Youtube, there are many videos about lightning hits a wind turbine. This may be the NO.1 problem for a wind turbine. A robust lightning / surge protection system is critical for its continuous operation.

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Surge Protection for Wind Turbine

Surge Protection Device Model Selection

Power System Installation Location Device to be Protected Prosurge Model
Generator Lines 400/690Vac, 3-phase, 3-wire+ground (or TN-C) Nacelle 1 Stator of Generator SP×××/3P-S
2 Rotor Winding of Generator SP×××/3PT-S
Tower Base 3 Main Power Service SP×××/3P-S
4 Inverter SP×××/3PT-S
Substation 5 Low Voltage Side of the Transformer B××VG××
Power Supply 230/400Vac, 3-phase, 3-wire+ground (or TN-C) Hub 6 Pinch-control Cabinet SP×××/3P-S
Nacelle 7 Aircraft Warning Light SP×××/2P-S
8 Nacelle Control Cabinet SP×××/3P-S
Tower Base 9 Tower-base Control Cabinet SP×××/3P-S

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