Bill Goldbach
Bill GoldbachEngineering Consultant
Mr. Goldbach has been recognized as a leading industry expert in power engineering and surge protective devices. He have a long affiliation with IEEE, have been a Senior Member since 1982 and a Life Senior Member since 1999 and was a member of IEEE’s Standards Board and UL 1449 STP.

He designed and built multiple SPD and Power development labs and test equipment. As an inventor, he developed proprietary and patented products with 11 patents in his name and many applications, with inventions in circuit interruption, electronics and surge protective devices. Patented devices include a SF6 Interrupter Switch, special thermal activated Ground Switch, Med V cable Fault Closing Device, EHV CB Test Timer, SPD, Concept for a TPMOV, Surge Fuse, MOV and Thermal Fuse Combo and a Low Impedance Cable.

The papers he have authored include:
Solar Water Heating in the NorthWest
Lightning Physics and Effects
Filters, Uses and Myths
Filters and TVSS
Optimizing the use of Surge Protective Devices

Terry Mao
Terry MaoCEO
Terry has been in surge protection industry for more than 20 years. He has in-depth experience and expertise spanning from MOV to SPD.

He is very familiar with UL1449 and IEC61643 standards, and has rich experience in international trade.

He is a member of UL 1449 STP.