Prosurge Lab

From our foundation, we believe quality is paramount for a safety product like surge protection device (SPD). Thus we invest heavily to build a lab that is fully capable to perform tests according to IEC 61643-11 and UL 1449 5th Ed standards.

Prosurge is continue investing on our SPD lab like adding equipments that can generate multiple waveforms to adapt to the upcoming new standard in surge protection. As we understand lightning better, people realize that lightning impulse is not a single waveform yet multiple waveforms. SPD that can pass single waveform impulse may be endure multiple waveform impulse in real situation. Prosurge is a pionner to adapt to this change in surge protection industry.

One of our goal is to make our SPD lab the best in industry. We are working on it.

Surge Generator

  • 10/350 & 8/20 Impulse Current Generator
  • Can generate up to 50kA (10/350), 120kA (8/20) impulse current
  • Meet the test requirements of UL1449 / IEC61643-11
  • Voltage Protection Level test
  • Operating duty test
  • Total discharge current
  • Surge Test

Intermediate Current Tester and Thermal Stability Tester

  • Intermediate current test according to UL 1449 5th Ed
  • Intermediate current test up to 1000A
  • Thermal stability test according to IEC 61643-11

QR Code – SPD Tracking and Tracing System

  • PTMOV 100% test before shipment

Online Aging Tester

Online aging is the last item in all the testing procedures of Prosurge QC system. 100% on-line aging test is performed on the finished surge protective product.

Combination Wave Generator

  • Test according to IEC61643-11 and UL1449

Accelarated Aging Tester

  • SPDs are subject to accelerated aging test for 1000 hours at 85℃ (185℉)

Intermediate Current Tester

  • To test the SPD as per UL1449

Environmental Test Chamber

  • To test the SPD endurance to environment by applying cycled high and low temperature

Rated Functioning Temperature(Tf) Tester

  • Test according to UL 60691& IEC 60691

Fluke Network Analyzer

  • To test the performance of network SPD

1.2/50 Voltage Impulse Generator

  • To test voltage protection level

Digital Bridge

  • To test inductance, capacitance, resistance, impedance

Varistor Parameter Tester

Varistor Parameter Tester

Portable Surge Generator

  • To generate a small surge/current to test the lightning/surge event counter