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Surge Protection Projects

Prosurge has many surge protection projects all over the world. On this page, you can see our surge protection prpojects in Asia (Phillipines, Thailand, Singapore, Middle East, China, Indonesia ect), South America (Colombia, El Salvador, Guatemala ect), Africa (Nigeria, Sierra Leone ect), Europe (Germany, Italy ect) and more.

We are proud that our surge protection devices are protecting critical facilities in the toughest application environment which features in:

  • Frequent lightning strikes
  • Outdoor
  • Seashore
  • High temperature
  • High UV exposure
  • High humidity
  • High salt
  • High alkali
  • Insect harassment

Some of the SPD projects are for AC, some for solar/PV, some for telecom. These surge protection projects are the best testimonials for our SPD’s quality.