DIN-rail SPD with iSPM-02

Always not find the failed SPD (surge protective device) in time, which leaves potential danger to your system?

Tired of testing the working condition of your SPD from time to time?

Not convenient to check on your lightning protection system regularly?

Trying to learn the voltage stability of your power supply system?

The Prosurge intelligent surge & power monitor(iSPM) iSPM-02 is developed to solve your above problem, and make your lightning protection system (LPS) flawless. You can check the status of your LPS online at any time and anywhere.

The iSPM is a multi-function monitoring device. It’s designed to protect power systems and LPS (lightning Protecting System), which is an innovative solution to make your LPS smart and intelligent.

  • iSPM, Wide Range of Application

iSPM-02 can be widely used in telecom, railway electrical systems, wind power plant, photovoltaic power plant, network communication system, building electrical system and automatic industrial lightning protection etc..

  • iSPM, Real-time Supervision

Via iSPM, we can know what happens in the system locally or at the far-end and be able to act quickly on the information

  • iSPM, from Passive to Active

LPS (Lightning Protection System) used to be a silent and passive protection system for so many years. The status of LPS can only be learned by on-site inspection and online measurement conducted by professionals, which is extremely inconvenient and costly for complicated system and systems in remote areas. Untimely replacement happens all the time and thus we’ve witnessed many examples of equipment damages and system breakdowns due to the untimely replacement of failed SPD.
Comparison between iSPM and traditional SPD:

iSPM-02 Traditional SPD
Circuit protection
SPD working status √ (the one with failure indication window or with remote alarm)
SPD aging status ×
Surge event logging ×
Grounding conditions of SPD ×
Power system voltage (or SPD’s working voltage) data ×
N line monitor ×
Working status of backup over-current protection device ×
  • iSPM, will Alarm

Buzzer or indicator lights up, while:
SPD failure
SPD aging failure
Backup over-current protection device switch off
Voltage fluctuation
Power line or grounding lost
Very useful for operation and maintenance personnel

  • iSPM, Smart & Online

The iSPM can communicate with computer or smart terminal. It allows the RS485 half-duplex MODBUS RTU protocol communication mode, to connect to a remote monitoring center.

Via network and software developed by Prosurge, you can have accurate, convenient information of system on a PC.