Class I+II / Type 1+2 Surge Protection Device (SPD)

Type 1 and Type 1+2 Surge Protection Devices (SPDs) are designed to discharge high current surges without any destruction of the installation. This surge protective device is characterized by its capacity to withstand impulse current with 10/350µs waveform which simulates direct impact coming from a natural lightning current. Type 1 and Type 1+2 SPDs are placed at the entrance point of the installation, in the main distribution board for a global protection of this installation.

Prosurge offer Class I+II / Type 1+2 SPD in different technologies:

Class II / Type 2 Surge Protection Device (SPD)

Type 2 and Type 2+3 surge protective devices (SPDs) are designed to protect electric installations and sensitive equipment against indirect surges and ensuring a low protection level (Up). It is characterized by its capacity to safely discharge current with 8/20 µs waveform.

Prosurge Type 2 DIN-rail SPD features Prosurge’s global patented fail-safe and self-protected technology, offering quick thermal response and perfect cut-off function and providing fast and reliable protection for various power supply systems.

Built with window fault indication and optional remote alarm contact, it can monitor the operating status of the SPD itself.

Class III / Type 3 Surge Protection Device (SPD)

Type 3 Surge Protection Device (SPD) is designed for low-voltage power supply system protection against surges at the boundaries from lightning protection zone 2-3 and higher.

They shall be installed as close as possible from the sensitive equipement to protect. Tested with a 1,2/50 – 8/20 current combination wave generator, they ensure a very low protection level voltage value.

  • Comply with IEC 61643-11
  • Pluggable design, easy replaced without any tools.
  • High Discharge Capacity with 8/20 us waveform, Imax 10kA
  • High reliability due to thermal disconnection device
  • Fast response
  • Visual status indication and remote signal contact available

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