Power storage systems are key technology of the energy revolution. The container battery storage systems store the power generated e.g., by batteries packs, PV systems and wind turbines.

In order to provide optimum protection for the high-end electronics in the storage containers, one of the risks to be considered is the possible default due to transient overvoltages

generated by the lightning or by the switching operations.

Prosurge’s R&D teams have developed specific SPD to protect your ESS against overvoltages.

  • DC power Type 2 SPD/ Type 1ca SPD (UL/CSA)
  • Pluggable modules for easy maintenance
  • Prosurge global TPAE technology with arc extinguish device, signaling and remote disconnection
  • Max operating voltages: 500, 800, 1200, 1500 Vdc
  • Discharge current : In 20 kA /Imax 50 kA
  • SCCR (UL1449) : 100 kA without circuit breaker or fuse