SPD Modules for DC/PV SPD – SPM Series

Prosurge SPM series are surge protection modules which are heavy MOV based devices and are constructed with Prosurge thermal protection and arc extinguishing technology, can be easily integrated in or mounted on PCBs. They are the best choice for global customers to develop PV SPD at minimum cost.

SPD Module Features

  • UL recognized Type 1CA Surge Protective Devices (ANSI/UL1449 4th), Type 2CA SPD (CSA-C22.2) for PV/ photovoltaic system.
  • Rating: (1)Max. permitted DC voltage(Vpvdc): 85V -825Vdc; (2)Surge capacity(8/20 μs): 50kA; (3)SCCR: 100kArms -tested without external CB or fuse
  • Completely meet IEC61643-11:2011 & EN50539-11:2013
  • Quick thermal response and perfect circuit cutoff function due to special thermal disconnector design with arc extinguishing device
  • Wide operating temperature range and high reliability.
  • High surge current capability and low leakage current.
  • Provide a number of ways to use on PCB, such as permanent soldering or pluggable.
  • Floating remote signaling contact for fault indication while additional uses of PVD_Base

SPD Module Ratings

  • Max. permitted DC voltage (Vpvdc): 85V~825Vdc
  • Surge capacity (8/20μs): 50kA
  • Short circuit current rating (SCCR): 100kArms – tested without external CB or fuse

DC PV SPD Module Model Selection

Part No. Nominal Voltage (Vdc) Max. Permitted DC Voltage, Vpvdc (V) Nominal Discharge Current, In (8/20μs) (kA) Max. Discharge Current, Imax (8/20μs) (kA) Voltage Protection Rating, VPR (kV) Leakage (Quiescent) SCCR Rating (kArms)
Type 1ca Type 2ca
SP85D SP85D/C 48 85 20 50 0.4 < 2.5 μA 30
SP350D SP350D/C 300 350 20 50 0.9 < 2.5 μA 100
SP460D SP460D/C 400 460 20 50 1.2 < 2.5 μA 100
SP560D SP560D/C 500 560 20 50 1.5 < 2.5 μA 100
SP670D SP670D/C 600 670 20 50 1.5 < 2.5 μA 50
SP825D SP825D/C 750 825 20 50 1.8 < 2.5 μA 50

PCB Installation Illustration

PVD_Base is designed for pluggable SPM module to be mounted on the PCB and can be replaced easily, and with floating remote signaling contact for fault indication.

Pluggable Mounted

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